Bamboo Blooms 7" round
Bamboo Blooms Planters a Gift from Nature
Bamboo Blooms 7" round


When you are finished with your planter just break it up and put into your compost bin or your rubbish bin. Over time your planter material will degrade back to nature. 100% Sustainable.

Eco friendly

Our beautifully crafted pots are made from bamboo fiber a sustainable and way to house your plants. Perfect for the eco-conscious gardener. Our innovative pots are biodegradeable, non toxic, vegan

Plant Saver Watering Technology

Our self-watering technology provides water and air to the plant roots, your plants can draw water when they need it. Just top up the water well, set and forget!

Eco-Concious Gardening

Our Beautiful Bamboo fibre pots and
planters are

Plants Grow Better In Bamboo!

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As a gardener or someone who likes to keep potted plants around the house you will be aware that the vast majority of plant pots are made from plastic, a material that we all know is not at all eco friendly or sustainable, and literally 100s of millions of plastic plant pots are sent to land fill or incinerated every year – such a tragic waste of resources!

However, as our society strives for more ecologically sound alternatives to plastic many viable alternatives are being discovered, none more so than the bamboo fibre self watering plant pots and planters being produced by Bamboo Blooms.

This Australian owned family run business have been producing these outstanding 100% organic plant pots since 2015 and were first driven to do so by a passion to reduce the impact that plastic waste has upon our global environment, and now have stockists of their self watering plant pots and planters around the country.

Bamboo fibre, the waste product from other manufacturing processes involving bamboo is combined with wood pulp, corn starch and natural resin to produce a material that is not just eco-friendly, but better for your plant’s healthy development too. Bamboo, as a plant is considered one of the most sustainable crops around, being carbon positive and requiring little in the way of fertilisation, irrigation or pest control, and the innovative use of what would otherwise be a waste product adds to the legacy of bamboo.

The Bamboo Blooms range of plastic free rectangular self watering planters and round self watering pots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and incorporate a self-watering system that can keep your plants supplied with sufficient water for extended periods, ideal for those times when you are away from your home and plants and might otherwise be tempted to over water your plants before you go. Capillary action will draw small amounts of water into the soil and roots helping to keep your plants in tip top condition.  On top of this, the self-watering system in these bamboo fibre pots. help to aerate the soil within, and also these pots have greater insulation properties than plastic, helping to keep the root systems cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. All in all, bamboo fibre pots are the best possible option for providing optimum growing conditions for your plants.

And when the time comes to replace these eco friendly plant pots, they are completely biodegradable, all you need to do is begin the process by breaking up your old pots, add them to your compost – then let nature do the rest!

Bamboo Blooms pots are not merely highly functional and utterly sustainable but are adorned with eye catching designs that ensure that these decorative self watering plant pots and planters will enhance your patio, garden or any room in your home or office, and you will have a constant reminder that as an eco-responsible gardener you are doing your bit to reduce the amount of plastics that are produced – and thrown away, every year.

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