Bamboo Fibre Self Watering Plant Pot-Decorative BEES NEW

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Bamboo Fibre Self Watering Plant Pot-Decorative BEE


You’ll simply LOVE our environmentally friendly bamboo fiber pots.

Bees 2024 NewFor Bee Lovers

Bamboo Fiber Self Watering Eco-Friendly Pots and planters.

Our World First Planters with our exclusive Plant Saver™ technology, a combination of a bamboo fibre planter and water well piece. Using molecular cohesion and capillary elevation our Plant Saver™ technology will keep your plants healthier for longer with less watering. You will save water too!


Bamboo Fibre Self Watering Plant Pot-Decorative BEES

Home is where the heart is, so add a touch of class to your home with our stunning bamboo fibre planters.

Bees 2024 New
For Bee Lovers

Your plant roots receive water from the well as required by the plant but do not flood and drown the roots. Check the water level periodically via the well hole and make sure you have water in the well. If the well has water, you can water from the top of the planter or via the well hole. If there is no water in the well, then water from the top to wet the soil and reestablish capillary elevation.

Made from Bamboo Fiber


No Petrochemicals

100% Sustainable


Vegan Friendly

BPA Free

Self-Watering Technology ensures no waterlogged roots and great growth!

Bee lovers add a touch of class to your garden, patio or home with our decorative

Not only will your plants, herbs or small garden veggies enjoy great growth and have the added benefit of a self-watering well, they will make a beautiful unique eco-friendly gift too!

When you wish to dispose of them – simply break them up and they will return back to the earth where they will decompose.

Plants grow better in Bamboo!

Great for your plants! Great for the planet!

You’ll simply LOVE this Pot!

Product Dimensions 7″ Round (18cm)


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